Past talks

Fran Bartolić5/12/18Automatic Differentiation
Bert Vandenbroucke28/11/18Object-oriented programming
Isla Barnard0/11/18Good enough practices in scientific computing part 2
Alexander Konovalov14/11/18Jupyter notebooks for reproducible research: a tutorial
Isla Barnard7/11/18Good enough practices in scientific computing
Lewis McMillan24/10/18Things every computational physicist should be aware of
Anne Marie Weijmans17/10/18The Challenges of a Public Data Release: behind the scenes of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data releases
Isla Barnard25/7/18Speed-up techniques: why they are needed and how to use them
Bert Vandenbroucke11/7/18An introduction to Docker
Cancelled due to graduation27/6/18Cancelled due to graduation
James Burch20/6/18Introduction to Blender
Cancelled6/6/18Due to SUPA gathering & exam boards
Peter Woitke30/5/18Debugging and profiling your code workshop
Alexander Konovalov23/5/18Jupyter notebooks
Bert Vandenbroucke6/5/18Computers, supercomputers and how to use them
Everyone9/5/18Trip to Computer science
Fran Bartolić2/5/18Fitting a model to data using MCMC methods
Federica Fina25/4/18Research Data Management
William Lucas18/3/18Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics
Jonathan Nylk11/3/18Image analysis and open problems in biophotonics
Everyone4/4/18Open discussion on computing topics, and future talks you would like see
Duncan Forgan28/3/18Introduction to using version control software (Git)
Roopam Gupta21/3/18Machine Learning in Biophotonics
Nicole Schanche14/3/18Machine Learning in Astronomy
Bert Vandenbroucke7/3/18Workflow Management Systems
Lewis McMillan28/2/18Monte Carlo Radiation transfer and adaptive/Cartesian grid codes

If anyone wants to give a talk on anything computational physics, code, software based, or anything related to using computers for physics. Please email us at either lm959 or irmb.

Online discussion

Online discussion forum for asking any questions related to any code, computational physics, or even cake!